Wednesday, November 28, 2007

For Billy

Billy my darling,
Billy my love,
You are my angel;
My pure, sweet dove.

'Tis to you I fly
With stars in my heart.
Hoping that whence we meet,
Ne'er shall we part.

My love, my love!
I love you true.
when in sleep I dream,
I dream of you.

Someday I hope
That you may know
My love for you
As more it grows.

'Tis you i love.
I love you so.
This beith why
Our partings I truly loathe.

Come and gone
Hath another day
Maybe when next we meet
Together we can stay.

These are my hopes.
These are my dreams.
You give inspiration
To my poetic themes.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Missing You

I love you so.
I love you though,
Our love is yet forbidden.

To sleep I fall
With thoughts of you.
You live inside my dreams.

And in the morn'
I wake to find
You sleeping by my side.


They fight the wars.
They risk thier lives.
They are the veterans
Both living and whom've died.

They've seen what no being
Should have to see.
They are part of that
Which has kept us free.

For all they do,
It's them I thank.
And I hope they know
It's for them we pray.


Forever with you I wish to be.
My love is yours eternally.
For reasons known we cannot be.
Forcefully forbidden
'Til a time when we can be on our own.
Then they'll see.
We'll make it through
To eternity.

In Sleep

In sleep I dream.
In dreams I laugh.
In laughing I smile.
In smiling I love.
In loving I find
I'm loving you.

Hold On

Why don't I cry?
Why don't I scream?
Why don't I run
From all of these things?

Because i need him to know
That I can be strong.
That I can take all of this.
That I can hold on.

I need him here
And to be in his arms.
But It'll have to wait.
I have to hold on.

Why? T_T

Why do the things we love and cherish
Always end up torn away from us?
I long for the way things used to be.
Why did you have to take him from me?
Didn't you ever, when you were younger,
Think you'd found someone to cherish?
Someone to love?
Don't try to tell me I don't know what love is.
I've held it in my arms like he held me in his.
I loved your brother and I still do.
Why did you take him from me?
For that, I'll never forgive you.

Suffer No Longer

I wish I would die.
I wish I was dead.
I wish all this pain
And all this dread
Would simply leave me.
And make me suffer
No longer.


We are the children all alone.
We are the hookers and the hoes.
We are the teens who are kicked out
And left with nowhere else to go.

We are the people sulking down the street
Hiding from all whom we meet.
We are the people sleeping in the alleys
And running away from big gang rallies.
We are the people that you call thieves.
Stealing so that we amy eat.

You judge us and you turn your backs.
Not even thinking of what we may lack.
We are the rejects of the world,
But from us you never hear a word.

A Note From A Guardian Angel

I need you, I love you.
I hope you always know,
That no matter where you are,
I'll be there forever more.

So when the stars begin to fall,
And the earth begins to shake,
Remember that I am here.
There is no need to panic.

I'll stay with you through the night
Until all your nightmares end.
And in the morn' when you wake,
I'll be disguised as your best friend.

A Letter From A Run-Away

Dear mother and father,
I will return.
Whether the wait will be long,
I do not know.
But if I do not come
Before winter's snow,
Do not fret.
I may come back yet.
Perhaps in the spring,
When all is new,
And our song I sing.

A Time In The Past

Why live in the now
When we can reminisce in the past?
In the days gone by?
In a life we once had?
In the memories we share
That forever will last?
In a time I enjoyed?
A time in the past?