Monday, December 24, 2007


Christmas is a time
Of loving and caring.
So why then do we spoil it
With our constant bickering?
I wish that, for once, we could have
A holiday without fighting.
Just one time this year that we
Could have a family filled with harmony.

Without You In My Life

My life has turned
Into a black abyss.
Your gentle love
I forever will miss.

Your heart was mine,
And I cherished it so.
So why this heart of mine,
Must you let go of?

Constantly wondering.
Forever still loving.
Hiding a heart
That has broken for you.


I saw Mary in the moon,
Her hair swirling softly about her.
And the angels, the stars,
Were flying gently ‘round her.

Sunday, December 23, 2007

Hate, Anger, And Malice

And malice.
The tools
Of our undoing.
The things
That will cause our demise.
The bombs
That will be the destruction
And downfall
Of all humanity.
And what is left
Of my sanity.
There are days
When I feel as though,
There is a hope.
A hope
For our survival
And a world
Without hate,
And malice.
To this feeble hope
I cling.
For fear
If I release it,
Or let it be free,
That it will leave me
Emptily filled
With hate,
And malice.
But when days come
And I do release it,
Or it slides through my fingers,
Like smoke
Through my grasp,
I become overwhelmed
By hate,
And malice.
I say things
That I neither mean,
Nor control.
And these things,
They hurt those of whom
Are dearest to me
And are held near
To my heart.
And too soon,
Disputes have arisen.
And are downfall
Is upon us.
But yet,
All of this has happened,
Without our knowing of it.
For that delightful bit,
We have to thank,
And malice.

Oh How You Tempt Me

In the darkness surrounding
I feel you watching.
Your eyes pierce my skin,
As slowly you lure me in.
I can feel your very essence
Longing to be closer, closer,
Evermore closer.
And the more I feel
You wanting me
The more seducing
Your stare grows it seems.
Now I, too, long to be falling
Into the depths of your calling.
I long to show you
All that you wish to see.
I long to let you hold me
And support me eternally.
But alas, I must withdraw,
For you’ve tempted me too long.
And if I do not leave now
I fear my vows will be no more.
But your eyes, they are so lovely;
I can feel my defenses unfolding.
Your stare, I guess it seems,
Has successfully stolen my heart.
Now I give it to you freely,
For in resisting you there is no use.
I love you too much,
And this love can not be subdued.

Forgetful Loving

My soul is aching.
My heart is breaking.
The tears I cry,
I cry while shaking.
My mind is spinning;
I’m so confused.
What did I say?
What did I do?

But it’s too late to fix it,
Whatever I did.
You’re already gone;
I want to be dead.
All I can think
Is, Wow, I messed up.
I hope he’ll forgive me,
That my love is enough.

I sit in the dark,
Crying and alone,
When you come back
Through the door,
And ask why I’m broken.
I tell you my side
Of this story you wrote.
How it’s etched in my heart,
Tearing my soul.

You come and sit with me.
You say there’s no need to be alone.
You tell me you love me,
And swear to never let me go.
I look up into your eyes,
Still hurt and confused.
But in them I see reassurance,
Something I could use.

I tell you I’m sorry,
You say it’s okay.
I needn’t be sorry.
I wasn’t why you went away.
You say that you left
Because you’re parents were coming.
You say you wanted to greet them
When they came for our big day.

A Time Together

Your soft simple stare
Watches me from a distance.
When I look at you
I see fear caused resistance.

I run to your side
And give you a hug.
I give you a kiss
And a playful tug.

You come and you grab me
And tickle my sides.
I’m laughing out loud!
I squeal, then sigh.

You hold me close
And you tell me you care.
I trust and believe you;
You can see it in my stare.

In A Dream

In a dream I had,
Not so long ago,
I found myself
As a character,
And you as another.

I was your lover,
And you were mine.
Our time together
Was ever divine.

But then I woke
Only to find,
That the dream w
as a memory
Of times gone by.

Vain Hopes

You came home today.
I was glad you were back.
I had missed you a lot,
But I was saddened by your acts.

I had hoped in vain
That we could be friends.
I know now that that
Can never happen.

Life without you here
Has been dreadfully boring.
But now that you’re back,
I think I prefer boring.

When you got off that plane,
And you came through the doors,
My heart had gone flying;
My soul had soared.

But yours did not.
Though you gave me a hug,
I could tell it was forced.
And no smile you bore.

Now that you’re here
I wish you were gone.
Then this pain I feel
Would simply move on.

Friday, December 21, 2007

A Vampyre's Love Cry

The night, my day;
The day, my night.
Your arms, my protection;
Your eyes, my sunrise.
You saw past
What no one else could.
You gave me life again;
You showed me I am good.
You gave me light
In this darkness eternal.
You tell me you love me;
I believe every word.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

The Sea

The sea, the sea,
The glorious sea.
How beatiful
You are.

You flew into
My heart forever;
You shine brighter
Than the stars.

You sang me off
To sleep at night,
During the day
You were my friend.

But now that I
Am far away,
Will I never
See you again?

How I miss
The roar of your waves
And those long,
Hot summer days.

And how in the heat
Of every day,
You shone brighter
Than the sun.

The sea, the sea,
The glorious sea.
How far away
You are.

My Big Brother

My big brother says
That he is all grown up.
That he isn't a kid anymore,
And doesn't need our help.

But my big brother is not grown up.
My big brother is still a kid.
Maybe not in a physical sense,
But mentally he is.

He still makes stupid choices,
He still is running 'round,
And lots of the adults he knows,
Don't want him in thier town.

Sure he has a car,
And he doesn't live with us,
But that doesn't mean that he isn't a kid
Just looking to be loved.

I miss my brother dearly,
And this I hope he knows:
That he still has a family,
And a place to call his home.