Sunday, July 26, 2009


Cars are meant for driving around in.
So we drove... Then we parked.
Car seats are for sitting in.
So we sat in the seats... Then we shifted.
Car windows are for seeing thru.
So we saw out... And hoped no one would see in.
Cars are for driving around in.
So we drove... And he took a very happy me home.

Monday, July 6, 2009


Why suffer the empath
To feel all things?

Strange Questions

Curiosity is both a blessing and a curse.
It is a blessing because it can lead to good things.
It is a curse because it can lead to bad things.
Many people ask "How can something
Be both good and evil at the same time?"
My question to them is how can one survive
Without the other? 

I Love You

You just read the most misunderstood phrase in all the world.
But can you figure out why it is the most misunderstood? 



Before or After?

Is it better
To be old friends before you marry
Or is it better
To marry
And hope you can build a friendship?


I was alone today.
You brought me near.
I was scared today.
You chased away my fear.
I was sad today.
You made me smile.
You were nervous today.
So I kissed you for a while.

Secret Wishes

Secretly hoping
For forever and a day;
Dreaming that we could
Become more this way.
Trying to grow close
Without being discovered,
Hiding my pain
Without showing discomfort.
It's harder than it looks,
Being your friend,
Especially since I love you,
But you don't understand.