Monday, January 19, 2009

Lest They Fall

There's a little girl
Who hides inside,
Who bottles up the tears.
She never lets her feelings show
Even after all these years.

She's quiet and lonely,
Some say she's traumatized.
But she'll never tell a single soul
About that fateful night.

And she prays,
"God, help the girl
Who cries inside;
Who never shows her face.
God, help the girl
Who's soul is dying
As she's running from the race,
Lest she fall."

There's a big grown boy
Who never sleeps.
All he does is play guitar.
But he didn't come home
One cold night
After brawling at the bar...

His mama cried when the doctors called.
They said he'd be alright.
She fell right there,
Down to her knees,
Not caring about the fight,

And she prayed,
"God, help the boy
Who cries inside.
He never lets me in.
God, help the boy
To understand
That his mama still loves him,
Lest he fall."

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sleepily wandering from one to another;

Unable to decide which way to go.

Who is meant for me?

Who is just for show?

I hide in my memories

Contemplating what my heart wants to decide

Versus what I think is right in my mind.

Still no answer has come to me yet.

Perhaps I'll just die

And leave it at that...