Friday, November 28, 2008

Update #8!

Hey everyone.
Sorry about the long time, no posting. I haven't had many a good inspirations lately and can't make much out of what I am inspired to write about. I am trying though. Please send me some requests to help me get back on track and to give me some new topic ideas. Thanks a ton to all of you!

Yours Truly,

Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Rape, Then a Vampyre's Victim!

Quietly fading into the silence
No one can sense my pain.
I walk through the halls, and I'm here everyday,
But nobody knows I am dead.
The endless nights are torture;
The sunlight burns me away.
I laugh,
I sing,
I dance,
I scream
Just as if I were living,
Still nobody sees my pain.
My face shows nothing but smiles.
My head refuses to work.
My heart is gone.
My soul is lost.
I refuse to embrace sweet denial.
If only my end would come.
If only I no longer saw
The pulses and throats each day
As I am forced to live on.
Why on earth did this happen to me?
Why did that monster have to come?
I am sure that though my blood may have smelled pretty good,
I wasn't the only who could've died.
I'm a demon living with angels.
A whore sitting with virgins.
I don't undestand why this happened to me.
First rape, then a vampire's victim!


I stand in the shadows as you walk by.
The unseen victim, who will be your demise.
A soul lost to a world of torture and hate.
So cruelly punished by bloodstained Fates.
I took a few drops, and that's all that They need
To have a reason for murdering me.
So for this you shall pay, you seductive creature.
For stealing my heart and only making it blacker.
It was dark to begin with, cursed by Hell.
Now it's damned for sure to that bottomless well.
To that place where no soul can ever escape.
Where though attempts are made, it's too late to be saved.
So I'll kill you first and then myself.
I'll see you in Hell, you stone-hearted Wolf.


Joyful tears;
Heartfelt fears.
Monsters fighting left and right.
Dare I walk into the night?
Who is it that keeps stalking me?
Is it a Wolf? Or a horrid banshee?
I cannot tell, the night is too dark.
I stop for a moment in the center of the park.
A hand closes tightly onto my shoulder.
Stronger than a granite boulder.
A voice so low, I know it well.
Inside emotions begin to swell.
Old fires awaken at his touch,
New hatred burns as I remember much.
I scream and jump into the air.
Now he dares not follow me anywhere.
A vampyress when angry is not a joke.
I wanted to murder that stupid bloke.
He knows our time is over and done,
But still he thinks I have a heart to be won.

The End

The moon is rising, swift and full.
The night is howling like a Wolf.
Hearts are racing faster, faster.
Still we can't escape disaster.
Shattered pieces on the floor
Love we thought was meant to be
Is now forever
Never more.


Nobody knows my name,
Or even if I exist.
No one can tell for sure
If they've ever really seen me,
Or if they were just hallucinating.
But I like it this way.
I'm not nobody,
I'm still somebody.
But I'm the somebody
That nobody knows.
If anybody did know me,
I would still be somebody,
but I wouldn't be the somebody
That nobody knew anymore.
And if somebody knew me,
I couldn't just hide in the shadows
And wander peacefully through this limbo
Between life and the afterlife.
Then this existance wouldn't be any fun anymore...
Because I'd truly be dead.
Quite frankly, I think it's funt to be
The vampyre that nobody knows.


A kiss here.
A lick there.
Ecstatic gentle biting.
Moans and howls the only sounds
Hanging in the air.

On the grass.
In a bed.
Does it make much difference?
The moon is full
Werewolves are high
They don't care if they're raped by a succubus.

Hunters hiding in the night
Try to shoot her down
The Wolves so dumb
Protecting her
Just want to strip her down.

Innocence lost long ago,
She never feels guilt.
The ultimate deadly hooker
Who knows so many tricks.

Men just love to find her.
She's a wonderful one night stand.
Too bad they didn't know
They were fucking someone dead.

Sweet Dreams

Hidden by darkness, I watch her fall asleep.
She hasn't got a clue how close I am.
If I wanted to I could touch her now,
But all she'd do is scream.

Scream until her lover came to her.
Scream until he told her lies.
Scream until she had no tears left to cry.
Scream until the sun would rise.

But I only want to wish her well
I only want to listen to her breathe.
I just want to tell her that I love her...
I just want to wish her sweet dreams.