Sunday, November 23, 2008


Joyful tears;
Heartfelt fears.
Monsters fighting left and right.
Dare I walk into the night?
Who is it that keeps stalking me?
Is it a Wolf? Or a horrid banshee?
I cannot tell, the night is too dark.
I stop for a moment in the center of the park.
A hand closes tightly onto my shoulder.
Stronger than a granite boulder.
A voice so low, I know it well.
Inside emotions begin to swell.
Old fires awaken at his touch,
New hatred burns as I remember much.
I scream and jump into the air.
Now he dares not follow me anywhere.
A vampyress when angry is not a joke.
I wanted to murder that stupid bloke.
He knows our time is over and done,
But still he thinks I have a heart to be won.

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