Friday, April 25, 2008

Happiness (short version)

When I think of my happiness,
I think of you.
When I think of her happiness,
I think of you.
When I think of your happiness,
My mind isn't sure who's there.

Happiness (long version)

When I think of happiness,
I think of you.
Your smiling face.
Your quiet pace.
Your gentle touch
I miss so much.

When I think of happiness,
I think of her.
Her gleeful prance.
Her joyful trance.
Her riendly hugs
They drive me nuts.

When I think of happiness,
I think of you and I.
The times we shared.
The tears we cried.
Those moments so dear...
To have not had them is to have died.

When I think of happiness,
I think of you and her.
The times you'll share.
Thenights you'll cry.
The memories you'll gain.
Oh, how time will fly.

When I think of your happiness,
I wonder...
Is it she or I who's there?

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Death of Us

I’ve come across a lonely sea;
My back’s been to the wind.
I see thine eyes in front of me,
But I give not to thee my hand.
I hide inside my quarters.
A heartfelt pain I hide.
And a hope that should you find me,
You’ll listen to my cries.

Oh please, Love, understand me!
As saying this I die.
(For though my body keeps on living,
My soul to Heaven surely flies.)
Please believe that I still love you;
Please know you’re always on my mind.
But though my love is strong for you,
Our love, for now, must die.

You didn’t want to hear this.
I see the tears you cry.
I want to yell out “Never mind”,
But the breath in me has died.
You answer to me “Nay!
Of thee I shalt not take leave.”
But still I sadly shake my head
I say, “ You must if you truly love me.
Or all our hopes shall be dead.”
I stand and turn to walk away.
Your eyes, they follow me.

Suddenly I stop and turn.
I run into your arms.
I cry my tears
As I will for years,
For what it is to you I’ve done.
You tightly hold me to you;
You gently kiss my lips.
Then you go; you walk away
To take leave of a saddened ship.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

A Lover's Declaration

Deeper than any ocean.
Wider than outer space.
Do you even understand
That every time you take my hand,
My heartbeat grows in pace,
My faith in you , with it?
Do you really know
That every time you go,
My heart is left in pieces?
Almost invisibly small pieces?
My head reels at the thought
That there could e'er be a day
When someone else could take you.
Take everything away.
Everything I have to live for;
Everything I need;
What crazy fool gave you the thought
That someday I'd up and leave?
My mind is ever spinning.
I'm losing all control.
Why do you have to question me?
Must you doubt this fragile soul?
I wish that you could see,
I wish that you could feel,
The tormenting pain inside
That I face with this ordeal.
You doubting sends me messages
More than you could know.
But to this I am still hoping
That someday you shall know,
That through the pain
And through the hurt,
And through the Devil's torture,
I'll always be here
Standing by you
To remind you that I love you.