Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Death of Us

I’ve come across a lonely sea;
My back’s been to the wind.
I see thine eyes in front of me,
But I give not to thee my hand.
I hide inside my quarters.
A heartfelt pain I hide.
And a hope that should you find me,
You’ll listen to my cries.

Oh please, Love, understand me!
As saying this I die.
(For though my body keeps on living,
My soul to Heaven surely flies.)
Please believe that I still love you;
Please know you’re always on my mind.
But though my love is strong for you,
Our love, for now, must die.

You didn’t want to hear this.
I see the tears you cry.
I want to yell out “Never mind”,
But the breath in me has died.
You answer to me “Nay!
Of thee I shalt not take leave.”
But still I sadly shake my head
I say, “ You must if you truly love me.
Or all our hopes shall be dead.”
I stand and turn to walk away.
Your eyes, they follow me.

Suddenly I stop and turn.
I run into your arms.
I cry my tears
As I will for years,
For what it is to you I’ve done.
You tightly hold me to you;
You gently kiss my lips.
Then you go; you walk away
To take leave of a saddened ship.

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