Friday, January 11, 2008

My Two Cents

You should know that life is hard;
It just gets harder as you go.
And there are times in life
Where you will have to face things on your own.
My life hasn’t been a fairytale.
Not even close to one.
I’ve had nights where I’ve cried,
And thought my soul had died,
Because someone was making fun.
My memory’s filled with tears and pain,
And though experience makes you stronger,
Reoccurrence haunts me all the time.
And there are days where I still wonder.
What would happen if it happened again?
Would I finally lose it then?
Would I be at the mercy of my dread?
The answers to these questions,
I hope I never know.
For there are things in my past
That can answer that,
But for others are hard to grasp.
Their minds just wont let them
Comprehend the horror of the facts.
So this is what I give.
This is my advice.
Take what you get,
Be glad with it,
And God will protect your heart.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Open Your Eyes

Have you ever noticed,
That when you wish the most
That you would die,
That God would just let you
Leave this world forever,
That you find a reason to keep living?
I know I have noticed.
But only just recently.
So open your eyes
And see all the little things
That you often just overlook
When they may be the most important.


Have you heard of this thing
That the mortals do?
They lay in our day,
Unaware that we do not do
As they wish we did.
I find it funny
That they do not know
That the greatest of terrors
Which we are,
Lurk closer than they
Would e’er find comfortable.
Not that it matters to us.
We just need that which they
So willingly offer in there sleep.


Sometimes I drink of a liquid
That tastes of copper,
And is warm to the touch.
It is red as the rose,
But of a deeper shade.
It tastes different
Depending on the source,
Yet is my most needed element
To live.
Now tell me,
What would you say
If I told you
I had taken this element from you,
Just not enough that it would
Kill you?
You probably wouldn’t believe it.
But say you were a good friend of mine,
And you sometimes drank of
This liquid too.
I bet you would believe me then.
Not that it would bother you,
Because you've done the same to me.

See, Know, Love, Die

We see what we see.
We know what we know.
We love what we love.
And this we do all before we die.

Monday, January 7, 2008

I Am...

All that I am, is all that I am.
Quiet, calm, sincere, and withdrawn.
Yet I am more than what is seen.
I am a poetic lover, a child of dreams,
Whose big eyes glow
At the new world my beloved night brings.
My knight of the night
Is the apple of my eye, the beholder of my being,
And my prince among thieves.
And still,
All that you see,
Is not
All that you may get.
For I have much to give to those who ask,
Who need, and who seek.
Those who ask, will be given the elaborate.
While those who need may be set aside the gentle.
And to those who seek,
Will be specified the great and enlightening.
Though I may appear solitary and delicate,
All that I am,
Isn’t all that I am.
Underneath a well made mask,
Hides a female of great complexity.
I am loud, untamed, strong, open.
I remain one who knows
When she needs to be heard,
Or cares to be focused upon.
One who is unbroken,
And true to her instincts.
Deadly and frightening,
Though they may occasionally be.
I am that which is strong.
My body itself may be of little muscle,
And physical strength,
But inwardly I have
The strength of many.
I am able to hold my own
When under emotional attack,
Or in a losing battle against a master
Of the tongue’s fiery arts.
Throughout my time I am open to all,
Though all may not be open to me.
I share my secrets willingly, and give the advice of experience
When sharing moments of past.
For all who wish to know meI paint the picture of my past before them, and help them to understand
That which is their own piece
Of past and present intermingling.
Though I may be strong and untamed,
I have fears of many.
My fears be
Of the spider that crawls ‘cross my floor in the eve,
Of loss of all that I hold close and dear,
Of doubt that causes my tears of dread.
If the spider I see,
I scream in terror.
If my loved one were to be lost to me forever,
I would surely die of fright,
Or drown in my tears.
Hard to explain are my fears of doubt.
For they belong not to reasons of my mind,
But to the reasons
Of my heart.
I am not one to ask for more than I need,
Nor one to be dissatisfied with what I may be given.
But alas, there be things that I do wish for.
To see the sun set o’er the sea deep
From the Californian shoreline;
To see a sparkle in my lover’s eye
As he vows his love for me;
To see the rise of the sun
For another day amongst my joys and fears, alike.
This is me.
This is all that I am.
Although I may not
Necessarily be only
What you see.
I am me.