Friday, January 11, 2008

My Two Cents

You should know that life is hard;
It just gets harder as you go.
And there are times in life
Where you will have to face things on your own.
My life hasn’t been a fairytale.
Not even close to one.
I’ve had nights where I’ve cried,
And thought my soul had died,
Because someone was making fun.
My memory’s filled with tears and pain,
And though experience makes you stronger,
Reoccurrence haunts me all the time.
And there are days where I still wonder.
What would happen if it happened again?
Would I finally lose it then?
Would I be at the mercy of my dread?
The answers to these questions,
I hope I never know.
For there are things in my past
That can answer that,
But for others are hard to grasp.
Their minds just wont let them
Comprehend the horror of the facts.
So this is what I give.
This is my advice.
Take what you get,
Be glad with it,
And God will protect your heart.

1 comment:

The Ursenbach Family said...

hey i agree with you onehundred percent. experience has a lot to do with life and with out it we would be nothing