Sunday, February 10, 2008


I've always wondered
What it would be like to be Juliet.
To be beautiful and loved.
But now that I am in a situation like hers,
I am not so sure that I want to be Juliet anymore.
The life of Juliet is a painful one.
One filled with hatred,
Betrayal, hurt,
And love.
And especially towards the end,
Now I wonder,
What would have happened
If Juliet had just comitted suicide right there in the beginning?
What if Juliet had just said,
"I don't want to deal with this"?
Where would poor Romeo be if she had said that?
Pondering these questions
I find myself answering the questions I had as a child.
Life would be empty,
There would always be that nagging wonder of what ifs;
I would be a lonely girl
With a mind full of questions that no one could answer.
I would be a girl whose own heart would be made of stone,
Unfeeling as the tumultuous ocean from which I came
And have been cursed to return to.
I would be the Juliet of Shakespeares'
Complete opposite.

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