Sunday, November 23, 2008

First Rape, Then a Vampyre's Victim!

Quietly fading into the silence
No one can sense my pain.
I walk through the halls, and I'm here everyday,
But nobody knows I am dead.
The endless nights are torture;
The sunlight burns me away.
I laugh,
I sing,
I dance,
I scream
Just as if I were living,
Still nobody sees my pain.
My face shows nothing but smiles.
My head refuses to work.
My heart is gone.
My soul is lost.
I refuse to embrace sweet denial.
If only my end would come.
If only I no longer saw
The pulses and throats each day
As I am forced to live on.
Why on earth did this happen to me?
Why did that monster have to come?
I am sure that though my blood may have smelled pretty good,
I wasn't the only who could've died.
I'm a demon living with angels.
A whore sitting with virgins.
I don't undestand why this happened to me.
First rape, then a vampire's victim!

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