Sunday, December 23, 2007

Oh How You Tempt Me

In the darkness surrounding
I feel you watching.
Your eyes pierce my skin,
As slowly you lure me in.
I can feel your very essence
Longing to be closer, closer,
Evermore closer.
And the more I feel
You wanting me
The more seducing
Your stare grows it seems.
Now I, too, long to be falling
Into the depths of your calling.
I long to show you
All that you wish to see.
I long to let you hold me
And support me eternally.
But alas, I must withdraw,
For you’ve tempted me too long.
And if I do not leave now
I fear my vows will be no more.
But your eyes, they are so lovely;
I can feel my defenses unfolding.
Your stare, I guess it seems,
Has successfully stolen my heart.
Now I give it to you freely,
For in resisting you there is no use.
I love you too much,
And this love can not be subdued.

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