Saturday, December 8, 2007

My Big Brother

My big brother says
That he is all grown up.
That he isn't a kid anymore,
And doesn't need our help.

But my big brother is not grown up.
My big brother is still a kid.
Maybe not in a physical sense,
But mentally he is.

He still makes stupid choices,
He still is running 'round,
And lots of the adults he knows,
Don't want him in thier town.

Sure he has a car,
And he doesn't live with us,
But that doesn't mean that he isn't a kid
Just looking to be loved.

I miss my brother dearly,
And this I hope he knows:
That he still has a family,
And a place to call his home.


prettygirl9784 said...

I really miss my older brother as you could probably tell.

The Ursenbach Family said...

hey hunny that is one of the cutest/sweetest poams that you have written and with the correct music it could be a really cute song that you could sing for friday performences

love ya lots