Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mine for a Moment

A hug.
A kiss.
A tender touch.
A walk in the dark.
An empty place.
A darkened room.
No words.
Just emotions.

A heavy silence.
Another kiss.
Then several more...
From sitting up to laying down.
From your lap to the floor.
Happily beneath you.

A caress.
A gasp.
A sigh.
A moan.
Another caress...

A spoken plea.
A gentle understanding.
That single word.
Then a movement so swift it's unseen.

You begin to walk away and leave.
You don't look back.
Panic strikes.
I'm flying over the ground to you.
You turn as I reach you and lift me into an embrace.

A look.
A second.
Then goodbye.
Mine for moment
Before the disaster strikes.

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