Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Do You Remember?

What am I supposed to do now that you're gone?
I told you to give her a chance and move on.
And you did as I said. Every last thing.
You left me behind in your memories.
You brought her into your life.
Now she's all that you know.

But I find myself wondering,
Do you ever remember our first kiss?
Do you remember all those nights
We stayed up on the phone?
Do you ever think of me at all?
The way we used to laugh?
Those times in the hall?

I know I remember, and I always will.
Your place in my heart, no other can fill.
Please think of me. Please don't forget.
I wish we could have more of those times
Though we've come across no such chances yet.
I love you, I miss you. Please do not forget me.

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