Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Hey everybody! Sorry I haven't been keeping up on all my posting and such but I have been super busy. You see, I'm writing a book and I'm just starting to really get into the research part that is required to write my book properly.
My book is about three main Vampyres and two main Werewolves. Yes, I know, it's fantasy fiction and all that stuff, but this isn't gping to be the average Vampyre vs. Werewolf tale. I'm not going to say anything more so you'll just have to wait and see. I won't be able to postit on here unless I do it by chapter or possibly even page. I don't know how much I can fit into one post so we'll see.
Anyway, the Five main characters are Layla Madison, Dayton Cabard, Tom Zicoff, Shiara McKay, and Livyra Howler. The three Vampyres are Layla (THE main character), Tom (second main male character), and Shiara (third main female character). The Werewolves would be, obviously, Livyra (second main female character) and Dayton (first main male character). They all end up connected to each other in a tale that is still unwinding itself inside my head. The plot changes as I get further into my research, so if you know of any good sites to read or ask about Vampy(i)res and/or Werewolves, please just contact me at: cali_in_idaho at Yahoo.com Okay? Thanks a bunch! I'll try to keep posting even as I busy myself with my book. Contact me all you want!

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