Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The void in my chest it throbs so painfully.
It steals my breath and brings me to my knees.
The throbbing grows more painful each day.
I no longer breathe, I just lie here on the ground.
I dare not move for fear of the creature that has taken what I'm missing.
It lies in wait, hoping to see what it can take from me next.
It has stolen what I'm missing, but is still after my soul.
I don't know what this creature is, with it's red horns on it's head
And it's tail swishing impatiently from side to side.
This creature has stolen from many people who feel my suffering.
It has taken limbs, and organs, and many many souls.
But it cannot find a soul to fill it's own spiritual void.
The poor monster cannot find it's soul,
So it steals the souls of others to try and replace it.
It's body is complete, though in need of some repair,
But he lacks a spiritual essence of goodness.
The poor monster scares me, but he is just like me.
All he wants is God and acceptance. I cannot blame him for what he does.
For if you were in his position, would you not do the same?

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