Sunday, August 31, 2008

Chocolate and Rain

It was late that night when I walked in the door.
He looked up at me and said,
"You smell of chocolate and rain.
Of Tears in a lonely place.
Of trees that sing to me of just how sad you are.
Please tell me why you came in so late?
Why there are tear lines streaking your face?
Baby, please don't close to me,
Just tell me what went on today
That left you smelling of chocolate and rain."

I could've just told him it all.
Of how I'd longed to fall
Off that cliff and into the stormy sea.
But the look in his eyes just kept me
From explaining the chocolate and rain.
The tears in a lonely place.
The trees that called to me and told me to go home.
I couldn't tell him why I was late.
Or what had brought me to that place
Where nothing matters except that I can die.
I couldn't tell him what went on today
That left me smelling of chocolate and rain.

He looked at me.
I looked at him.
And then I started to cry.
He took my hand; came up close to me.
He told me everything would be alright...
..."Because I am here. I won't let you down.
Baby, it's alright, I'd still love so
Even if you jumped into the sea.
Even if you weren't here standing with me.
Even if you wandered off to commit suicide.
It don't matter to me today,
But for one thing I'll pray:
That when you smell of chocolate and rain,
Of tears and a lonely place.
Of trees that tell me all I need to know,
I'll be standing there with you next to me.
I'll hold you still,and look in your eyes,
and tell you everything that I find.
But baby please........ just tell me."

Tonight I stayed in that lonely place......
Surrounded by memories and spirits left to hold me.
And again I smelt the chocolate and rain
From a long lost summer's day.....
I had been so ready to die
When he had said goodbye.....
With chocolates that he left sitting in the rain.........

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