Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Fangs: Mine or Yours? (Prologue)

Goody, I thought with grim sarcasm.
A new evening, a new town, a new place to saturate my Hunger.
It’s my first day in Caldwell, Idaho, and all of my new neighbors have already decided that the new girl on the block in complete goth-garb is not the girl they want to converse with. Which is perfectly fine with me. I don’t want to talk to them either; they’d just crimp my style. Layla Madison is a Vampyre chick with a reputation to keep up!
I look seventeen and I am five-foot-four. With gold-blonde hair down to the middle of my back, deep red lipstick, dark eye shadow, and a look on my pale face that hides the dark evils within myself; I knew I would be left perfectly alone by my neighbors, but not by the other hot bisexual women and the handsome men around this town. Finding dinner would be a breeze once I had a feel for this place and it’s people.

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