Monday, August 4, 2008

You Know

The silence is my comfort. The darkness is my hiding place.
The blood that flows from these wounds drowns me slowly.
The water that is intermixing with the blood around me is from my tears.
I broke my vow. I've done it now. The lights are turning on.
I'm found in my hell, all comfort stolen by your questions.
I can't bear to have you look at me. There's so much I didn't want you to see.
I give you answers, vague as they may be, and cower inside myself.
Where is my eternity?!
My life will hold no purpose now... I've broken a very important vow...
You look at me with such disgust.
I say, "I'm sorry, I'd just never known such lust!"
I look down and you leave. I'm unable to move.
I can't hear anything, nor see, nor feel.
You know of my treacheries, of my broken vow.

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