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Fangs: Mine or Yours?: Chapter 2

Chapter 2
Tom Zicoff

Tom hadn’t been sitting down in Huck Finn’s Tavern for more than a half an hour when his groin started aching like crazy.
What the heck! It was only just starting to relax a little and now it’s actin’ up like I’m screwing another Vampyre and I don’t even know it, he thought half maliciously to himself as he tried to keep from groaning in pain. He also forced himself to refrain from hooting at the sexy looking goth that had just walked in the door. She had long blonde hair, and looked like a perfectly normal snack, when he noticed his groin had quit twisting in agony.
“No way,” he muttered when he started a little.
How could she be a Vampyre? Her smile looks forced, so maybe she’s experiencing some killer pain because I’m here. His thoughts were interrupted by the very being they were about. She smiled at him politely, lost some color in her face for a split second, then regained her composure and turned around to survey the room. Lookin’ for dinner, sweetie? He asker her silently. I’ve already got mine.
Huck Finn’s isn’t much. The only places the customers see are the large thirty by thirty by twelve main room and a hallway leading to the restrooms. The hallway is to the right on the back wall. When you walk through the front entrance, you are facing the dance floor and the hallway is positioned behind it. There aren’t usually too many people actually dancing, but plenty of people milling about with their friends and other people. Huck Finn’s was a favorite of the local outcasts and singles, and tonight the place was packed.
If you looked to the left upon entering, you’ll see a restaurant attempt made by the owner a few years back. There are several booths against the wall and multiple tables that take up about a quarter of the room. Much to the owner’s disappointment, the restaurant never really took off and the tables have been there ever since. Many people use them to just lounge around or to rest their feet.
The dance floor itself takes up about half of the room, and is in the very middle of Huck Finn’s Tavern. The last quarter of the room is taken up by the bar on the right side of the room. If you stand facing the bar, to the far right there is a staircase leading up to a few guestrooms where customers can rent a room for a night or two. Each room has a two beds and a small bathroom.
Tom idly let his mind go over the layout of the room. From where he sat, he curiously watched the Vampyre girl until he noticed the huge Werewolf precariously strutting toward her. He tensed. He was about to grab her and run, but too many of the humans here knew him as a dark kind of person, and would probably report his action to the police saying it was some kind of kidnapping. Flying was out of the question. Humans today didn’t believe in things with wings unless they were birds. And his were bright red.
He was too late anyway. She froze feeling the Lupine’s presence, then turned around rather startled. Lost my chance, dang it. Well, I can forget her. It’s time for me to go and eat anyway.
“She obviously can’t tell that guy is a Wolf,” he said to the idiot next to him.
“And she doesn’t even realize the only thing on that guy’s mind is her bod. He’ll just use her and drop her like a rock,” he told the man. He sighed, took the chick next to him under his arm, and stood up with his eyes shining at the girl.
“I’d never do that to you, babe,” he told her as she took his hand. “I wouldn’t ever buy you dinner then go terrorize you.” Well, actually, that’s exactly what I’m doing, but that’s beside the point, he thought hungrily.
He walked the girl out the door, took control of her mind and led her down the street a couple of blocks. He led her into a small dark alley. The alley was the entrance to his haven, his resting place if he stayed out too long feasting.
He took her to the very back of the alley then picked up the girl whispering to her mind of happy things. He silently looked up at the top of a wall of bricks that was approximately twenty feet high.
“Close your eyes, my darling.” He spoke softly to keep from being heard. Then with a slight rustle of feather on brick, he flew them over the wall, through a large skylight, and into an undiscovered apartment. She gasped when they took off and when they landed quickly on the other side. He released her mind from his hold. She looked around, then at him a look in her eyes questioning him.
Livyra Howler
“Uh… Where are we? How did we get here?” Livyra paused to study what she hoped was a regular man before her. He had an immensely amused look on his face. It was icily unnerving.
This is what you get for walking down to Huck Finn’s at night while your car got washed. You should’ve just done it yourself, she thought to herself unsure whether or not to trust the being she stood just a three feet from.
She took in the room at a glance.
“Why have you taken me here?” She demanded.
“Why, my dear, I brought you here for dinner,” he told her smoothly.
“We’ve already had dinner. I know that much, but that still doesn’t answer my other questions,” she retorted.
“Oh, all right, if you must insist on being so demanding. We are in my apartment. We walked here, but you were so drunk that you fell down unconscious. I carried you here. It wasn’t too far so don’t worry yourself.” She looked away. Her cheeks began to turn the lightest shade of pink.
“Oh, don’t be embarrassed, Livyra. I’ve passed out like that before, too. As for why I‘ve brought you here, you’re about to find out.” As he spoke, he walked seductively up to her, placed his hands on her small shoulders, and took control of her mind again.
“Tilt your head a little, my darling.” She complied, helpless to resist his velvet voice that promised her later pleasure. She felt a slight prick in the side of her neck, and then felt him drink. It was most pleasant. She almost believed the promise in his voice. Still he drank and drank, almost drank her dry. She began to fall into a beautiful abyss…
Tom Zicoff
He let her go, sat her on the sofa, and gave her some juice and a fresh plate of pie. The piece of pie and glass of juice had automatically materialized inside his bewitched refrigerator when he opened it. It was bewitched in such a way that made the magick appear normal.
I really need to use my senses to their fullest potential. This Livyra is a Lupine, a Werewolf. I should’ve known it on sight, so why didn’t I? Tom thought to himself as he handed the bewildered girl her plate and the glass of orange liquid. She tasted quite good, though.
“Eat, my little Lupine. I thought you were just another human, but now I know you taste too good to be another Kine. Eat, then you will not remember me, this place, how you got here, or anything that happened from the time we met.”
She did as she was told, and fell asleep.
“Looks like it’s time to return you to your home, little pup. Sweet dreams.” He picked her up again, then spread his fierce red wings and took off toward the dingy apartment her mind said was home. Poor thing, he thought sadly. You can’t even afford decent living quarters.
Dayton Cabard
“You know, since I’m out here anyways, I might as well follow my nose to see about that new scent of the long undead,” Dayton said to himself. “There aren’t any chores at the farm that they can’t get done without me.”
He was driving down the road toward whatever had the strong scent of Vampyre, talking to himself.
Goes to show how boring my life is, he thought wryly.
He already knew quite well the few elderly Vampyres around here. To be a wolf, you have to stand a Vampyre attack. He’d survived twenty-five vamps, as the local werewolves called them, at one time. This scent didn’t belong to one of them, though. It was new. By the way it was carelessly strewn around town, his best guess was a female that just moved in and didn’t know many other Vampyres were here.
She probably doesn’t even know Werewolves exist, Dayton thought in silence.
“Hmmm…maybe she could be dinner... No! You can’t do that. You can track them, you can hunt them, and you can kill them all you want, Dayton Cabard, but you can never eat them. It’s against Wolf Code and you know that.” He frowned at the car in front of him as he spoke.
“But what if I don’t want to kill her? What if she’s like that harmless Shiara McKay I tracked a few months ago? She was just doing what she had to in order to survive, and didn’t just kill because she felt like it. Maybe if this one is like that one, I can protect her from less caring wolves in the area. Perhaps she wont be a killer either.”
He came back to himself realizing he had parked in front of a place called Huck Finn‘s Tavern.
What kind of Vampyre hangs here? He stayed put to ponder the question. The kind who wants to feed off some drunk who won’t remember a thing. A Lush.
Dayton turned off his old blue Chevy pick-up, cracked a window to keep from over heating his monster of a car, and was hit with the strong scent of a Vampyre he had known lived around this place, but could never find. This was a male.
“What about the new chick?” He complained, annoyed at himself. He decided that it didn’t really matter. He didn’t feel like messing with a male Vampyre right now.
What I feel is a hunger pang in the pit of my stomach, he thought. It’s dinner time anyway, so I might as well at least take the opportunity to catch a glimpse of that elusive Lush and grab some food all at once.
“Before I eat, I’ll wait for a while, see if that new Vampyre chick shows up. I can’t be too far off if my senses led me here.” He got out of the truck and walked swiftly up the sidewalk and into the bar.
“Let’s see…I guess I’ll just have a cold one.” He told the bartender after seating himself on a secluded bar stool.
I’ll wait for fifteen minutes, and if she doesn’t show by then, I’ll just order some food, he thought drowsily. Man, I need to find a way to get more sleep. If that chick shows up, she’ll probably think I look like total crap and not think twice about being lured into dinner by an over-worked Werewolf. Okay, so maybe I’m not over-worked, but I am still really tired. He looked around for a mirror, but found none. Usually the bars he went to had at least one wall of mirrors. So that’s why the Vampyre favors this place. They don’t have any mirrors to expose him.
Much to Dayton’s delight, he only had to wait for five minutes for the new Vampyre to show up. At first, he couldn’t tell if she was a goth or a Vampyre, but either way it went in his mind, she was way hot.
Then his senses kicked him and started screaming in his head, Vampyre! Vampyre! Vampyre! He hit himself on the forehead, could’ve-had-a-V8 style.
That’s the new Vampyre! Go get her. Ask her out, anything. Just talk to her! See if she needs to be destroyed. So, he went stealthily up to her, and waited for her to notice him.
He enjoyed the nice way her muscles tensed when she turned to face him.
Geez, she must think I’m a freaking giant. Sometimes I forget how tall I am. Before he could get any farther into his thoughts, she smiled at him, apparently oblivious to his nature.
He smiled back down at her. She doesn’t know what I am. This is good. It should make things a heck of a lot easier.
She and Dayton conversed and flirted a little before finally getting settled for their meal. He hadn’t learned much other than the fact that Miss Layla Madison was new in town, she hadn’t fed yet, and she knew what she was doing when it came to finding herself someone to eat. As they ate, Dayton noticed she took great care to eat at least two thirds of her food before saying she was full.
Or maybe she’s just planting that in everyone’s head, he thought to himself.
He glanced over at her to make sure he wasn’t kidding himself about this whole ordeal. Yes sir, he really was enjoying a meal with a Vampyre. His sworn enemy from the moment of the Change, and he felt like he was on some forbidden date.
Man, she is really trying to appear normal. She even began to ramble at me as though she was attracted to me. He breathed a sigh of contentment at this thought, then caught himself.
Whoa, wait. What? She rambled as though she was attracted me? Good Lord, I have got to stop thinking! I think I almost like the idea of this hot little Vampyre feeling attracted to me. That is so wrong. Only the Lord knows how old she is, and I thought I had a limit of only two years older. For all I know, she could be two-thousand years old!
He was jogged out of his thoughts at the feeling of her staring at him out of the corner of her eye.
“Are you okay?” She asked as she sipped her red wine. “You kind of spaced out there. Is anything wrong?” She paused, appearing uncomfortable. “You were staring at me.”
“Was I?” He replied lamely. “I’m sorry. I guess I was just lost in the beauty of you and couldn’t help thinking how nice you would look in bed.” Whoa! Stupid answer! How crude and repulsing can you be? No girl has made you say something like that in like three years, he screamed at himself inside his head. How naïve can you sound?
“Were you?” She replied to his stupidity with calm and a slightly seductive smile.
She’s toying with me. Crap. I just gave her the impression that I’m a total sucker of a pervert. Now I’ll never have a real chance with her. He paused his thoughts. Not that I want a real chance with her. Do I?
“Yeah, I was.” He felt like a fourteen year old again. Evidently so did she, because she continued talking in that same mind frame.
“And what gave you the idea that I would look nice in bed?” She faced him now, with a look on her face that was supposed to project to him that she wouldn’t mind being in bed with him.
She knows the minds of men quite well. If it weren’t for the fact that we were of opposing natures, I would enjoy getting to know her better.
“Oh, nothing really. Just letting my mind wander to places it likely shouldn’t after only having just met you.” He said to try to regain some status as something other than a pervert. Why didn’t he want to scare her off? Her hanging around with him could lead to two really bad things. Lots of blood loss on his part or another dead Vampyre sitting on his conscience. He hated to kill. Even when they were the enemy, he still felt really bad about murdering another creature. Another half-human, a small voice whispered to him.
“Perhaps you could you tell me more about these places your mind is running to on a walk. My place isn’t far from here.” She looked at him, inviting him with her eyes and well-toned body.
He almost told her “Sure, I’d love to,” but his senses kicked him and screamed Get out of there! She plans to eat you, you idiot. She’s tiny, but deadly; remember that.
With this thought in mind he answered, “I’m sorry to say that I don’t have the time. I must be going; maybe some other time.” He winked and whispered in her ear, “How about Friday night? My place.”
But right now is so much of a better time for me, he heard her say in his mind. Besides, you know you want to come and see if I look as good as you were fantasizing. He felt himself slipping into her grasp and struggled to pull himself free. He failed miserably. Besides, he had started thinking she would look pretty hot in a bed.
“Alright, let’s go,” he heard himself say.
She smiled in triumph and quickly led him by the mind out of Huck Finn’s, into her car, and off to an old building ten minutes away.
“Come inside with me sweety, then I can prove to you that I look greater than you could imagine.” He saw her fangs lengthen eagerly but could do nothing to protest. Her hold on him was too strong.
Dayton followed Layla into the building, into a room on the third floor out of the five that made up the building, and sat down on the bed at Layla’s command.
“Would you mind tilting your head? It makes this easier for me, sweetheart” She asked casually.
Apparently she’s used to this. He tried to remember why he was so worried about being alone with her and decided it was because she’d told him she would sleep with him. Just nerves. He’d been raised as a Mormon and hadn’t slept with anyone outside of marriage, ever, though he knew what to do. This almost total stranger would be his first. A giddy shiver ran down his spine.
“I’ll sleep with you and do anything else you want right after this, okay?” She said in answer to his thoughts. All he knew after that was that she was kissing him, coaxing him to her, slowly working her way to his neck. She stopped at the large artery in the side of his neck… then turned away, her lips curling back to expose her white fangs in disgust.

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