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Fangs: Mine or Yours?: Chapter 3

Chapter 3
“Werewolf! Lupine!” She spat. Suddenly, she released his mind and turned heatedly to face him.
“Why didn’t you tell me you were a Werewolf? What were you doing talking to me in the tavern? How many other wolves are there in the area?” She threw the question at him in rapid succession and probed is mind at the same time to find the answers. Dayton was in such a state of shock that he couldn’t stop her. He couldn’t say anything to her. He felt like such a complete fool. How had he let himself be discovered so easily? He had thought himself stronger than that.
Man, I’m such stupid puppy. The Alpha’s gonna kill me…
Layla Madison
I wanted to scream. To scream at him for being so desirable, for being a stupid Lupine, for tricking me into thinking he was human, for allowing me to lie about having sex with him after I drank from him. I wanted to scream at myself for being so ignorant to that underlying scent of fire and oak.
I feel like such a Childe. Such a stupid, inexperienced Childe.
Instead of screaming though, I threw my questions at him and roughly probed his shocked mind. I teleported from where I was to just in front of him and gripped his neck tightly.
“You didn’t tell me because you wanted to see if I was in need of being killed? To see if I could be allowed to live for not killing my food?” I stopped shrieking so quietly. I stood, silently fuming at his thoughts.
He was going to kill me if he found out I killed my food or if I tried to kill him just for fun? That bastard! Well, first let’s see how many other Wolves are in the area, then I’ll decide what way to kill him. Perhaps I could leave him tied up like a pretty present, dead and rotting on the Alpha’s doorstep...
I had still been probing his enfeebled mind while I was planning his death options and accidentally let him know my thoughts.
“I can hear… your mind.” Said Dayton weakly. “I know… you plan… to kill me… in some… gruesome… way. Ack!” He winced as I twisted his mind mercilessly.
“You can? Well, then I guess it’s all the easier for me to decide how you’ll die. Would you like to be eaten and have your rotting carcass left on your Alpha’s doorstep? Or would you prefer to be turned, forced to live like I do, in eternal darkness, for a year and then slaughtered like a lamb?” I grinned wildly at him, wickedly revealing bright, white fangs. He gasped in horror as the whites of my eyes turned a disturbing shade of blood red and my irises went from clearly-visible light brown, to pitch black.
“Why… kill me?” Dayton asked, trying to regain some control of the situation. To do that he would need some time and some serious regenerative repair. Werewolves can heal and regenerate quickly, but they need time for that nonetheless. Apparently not something he had much of right at the moment.
“You could… torture me for… eternity… instead… of just one…” he gasped hoarsely. “Year,” he finished.
“I could, but you’d be too much of a bother and the Elders would punish me for leaving the likes of an ignorant mutt like you alone and uncared for in their midst.” My still blood filled with adrenaline at the mention of the Elders. I had only met two of the current Elder residents of this place, but they were elusive and parent-like. They would not appreciate my leaving a Wolf-turned-Vampyre for them to look after. I closed my mind as the memories came flooding back.
The first Elder I met that first night while looking around in Wal-Mart to find some toothpaste and my favorite shampoo-and-conditioner set. He looked to be about twenty-one, had shoulder length black hair, and had an air of power about him. He had pulled me aside that night and asked me who I was, what I was doing in his territory, what House I was from, and how long I planned to stay. I had answered him calmly, but cautiously, being careful as I chose my words. Elders could take a misworded sentence wrong and would then have a right, in their mind, to kill you.
I had said, “My name is Layla Serynia Madison. I didn’t know that there was another House inhabiting this area. Please forgive my intrusion and my unannounced entrance to your hunting grounds. I am of the House of Paole. My clan ring is on the golden chain around my neck, hidden from proper view of Kine and lone, wandering Kindred who have no clan with which to partake membership. I don’t know how long I will be here. Presumably only as long as I am welcome, if I am welcome in your territory. Am I welcome here, Sir…?”
“My name is Sir Rodrigo Nincious. I am an Elder in your House, though few of you younglings know me. I, like you, keep my ring hidden from the view of Kine and wandering Kindred. They need not know who we are, or to what House we belong. If the mortals--the poor unaware Kine--were to see us walking around with similar rings, they would label us as part of a cult. Something I am completely against as an Elder. There are four other Elders in the Treasure Valley Territory, though only one of those is of our House. His name is one you should know of. Sir Nitus Vakearay?” Sir Nincious had replied.
“I have heard of Sir Vakearay. Many rumors were spoken of him in California. Um… Might I ask you something?” I said uncertainly
“Of course, little one. What is it you wish to ask?”
“ It’s about the rumors I heard, Elder Nincious.”
“Please, call me Rod. It makes the mortals think of me as younger than you might know me to be. Yes, you may ask, though I would advise you to ask Elder Vakearay about it, as it is not my place to speak about another Elder. Nor is it polite to speak behind the back of a friend.” He smiled down at me. Everyone seemed to be taller than me! And his smile was beginning to make me feel like a child. I held back a small growl.
His whispered words of trying to appear far younger than he was, were amusing; for the way he spoke and the way he acted, made him appear much older than he looked. Even when he wasn’t trying to appear younger, he looked it, but acted like a friendly gentleman of around thirty years old.
Unexpectedly, his smile faded. He said, “I must warn you, youngling, there are a few Bathory House members in the Treasure Valley Territory. We share the territory with them to keep the peace between our clans, as well as with an Elder of the Dracul clan. Be careful to try and stay out of the Greenleaf area after sundown. The Elders of the Bathory House that reside there do not respect the peace we have created between ourselves and their younglings. They rather resent it and will hunt us if we enter Greenleaf unannounced and uninvited. You must be cautious. If not, we cold lose you to their monstrous ways. Promise me you will heed this warning.” He demanded.
I stood there for a moment silently letting a mortal walk by before answering. She looked at us funny. She probably thought we were dating or something and thought that I was too young for him. She had no idea.
“I promise on the House of Paole that I will heed thy warning, uh, Rod.”
“One last thing before we must part, Layla.” He had grabbed my arm as I started turning away to leave. “If you encounter any Werewolves, you are to leave them alone at all costs. They should not harm you unless you attack them first, though I doubt you would. They were here in the Treasure Valley before our kind, so we must respect the laws they have about feeding. You may not kill your meal, nor may you leave them harmed and/or abandoned on the site of feeding. If you do, the Wolves will tell us of your crimes and hunt you in pack patrols; they will also allow us to try and plead for your side of things, but if they are unconvinced, you will die. They have done this before. It was a Childe that happened to kill one of their newly turned pups. That Childe died the same night as his prey. You should’ve known him, you’re cousin Blake?” Rod had asked.
“I believe that is family business, but yes, I knew of him and his death. Further discussion of the matter is best left for more private places, don’t you think?” I replied politely, with an undertone of grief. I’d been very close to my cousin and didn‘t like discussing the topic of his death…
My memories were ripped away by the voice of the mutt I held in an inhuman grasp.
“I… can’t… breathe!” Dayton sputtered. I loosened my hold on his neck. I was not happy, in fact I was very, very pissed off, but I couldn’t do anything to hurt this man, mutt, thing, no matter how much I wanted to. I’d die if I killed him.
I shoved him away roughly and told him menacingly, “You don’t know anything of me. You know nothing from the time we met, or of this place. You have no recollection of any of the thoughts I shared with you. You don’t know I exist. Now get out of here and go home.” Then I had a thought. I might as well have a slight snack, since this bastard is here.
“Hold up a minute, honey.” I called to him as he went for the door. “You know nothing of what I’m about to do either…” I took him into a hug and felt his skin give beneath my fangs. He was so tasty, I didn’t want to stop. Before I could get more than a few drops though, he groaned and turned the tables on me. Aw, shoot! I screamed in my head, the thought closed to his mind. shoot! shoot! shoot!

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